Modern Bodger

Sarah Von Drasek grew up north of Toronto, and has always had a passion for the creative.  Whether it was taking apart old radios or finding clever ways to blow things up, she has been thinking outside of the box for as long as she can remember.

After graduating from University in Ontario with a degree in Geography, she officially confirmed that this wasn’t what she wanted to pursue in life.  From here she headed west and started working in a local specialty hardwood store on Vancouver Island.  Shortly here after she started meeting furniture makers, and decided she wanted to pursue further education in this art.  Although not necessarily rich, almost all loved what they were doing, and she wanted to be a part of this.

She eventually took the Fine Furniture program at Camosun College.  This program was a great foundation for giving her a discerning eye, and providing the building blocks on which to grow.

In 2011, she formed Modern Bodger and has since continued to create handcrafted, unique pieces from local materials. Best known for her cheese boards and serving trays she has also been commissioned to do custom work for restaurants in Toronto, New York City, and most recently her piece “The Behemoth”, will be featured in the 2014 Christmas edition of Western Living Magazine.